Tuesday, May 26, 2009


"Hito no sex wo warauna"


Director : Nami Iguchi

Original author : Naokora Yamazaki

Cast : Hiromi Nagasaku, Kenichi Matuyama, Yu Aoi

The combination of Maison Martin Margiela and Yasuko Hashimoto reminds me of a movie called "Hito no sex wo warauna". 

It means "don't laugh at other's sex".

Hiromi Nagasaku has a pouch of Maison Martin Margiela and it's not really obvious.

I saw this movie because I wanted to see her fashion styling but the camera work that the director used was more interesting for me.

It can be seen a lot of times in this movie and I think it seems to be Yasujiro Ozu's style.(He is one of the best Japanese movie director.)

Or I can say that it's like Gus Van Sant's style as well.

The camera doesn't move at all for long time and it cuts certain composition from the scene and casts act in this composition.

The effect of this camera work is to make "needlessness" in the movie.

What the casts say and behave have kind of function that conveys its story and what they feel to those who see it.

Due to that, if the director shoots only the line and behavior that are needed to describe how the story is going, there is no room for interpretation.

There is a scene where a huge rice field was shot for a long time (maybe 15 seconds) with stable camera and suddenly a bus that main actress took appeared from the edge of the screen. 

And there is also a scene where a corridor was shot  with stable camera and an actor looked for his teacher.

These scenes could be described "functionally" only by two seconds each I guess.

By this "needlessness", those who see it can feel as if they were in the scene and contrasts between stable composition and unstable acting, distant view and close view.

These contrasts ingenerate kind of a feeling of tension.

That's what I felt from this camera work.

Check it out.