Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mamoru Oshii / The Sky Crawlers

"Mamoru Oshii / The Sky Crawlers"

"押井守 / スカイ・クロラ"

Director : Mamoru Oshii
Original story : Hiroshi Mori
Script : Chihiro Ito
Cast : Ryo Kase, Rinko Kikuchi, Chiaki Kuriyama, Shosuke Tanihara

I felt like seeing an animation film for no special reason so I rented  The Sky Crawlers from TSUTAYA (DVD rental shop).

The director Mamoru Oshii gave a kind of message to young people who felt it difficult to find a reason to live. I do like this kind of film that describes fantasy but contains a message that is applicable to the present day.

The story, picture and music make the atmosphere of the film a little between asleep and awake, dream and reality...

As he said, these are the representations of metaphors for sense of stagnation to society and in a sense I felt the atmosphere was very beautiful.

I shouldn't explain which scene is good or bad because you can feel something from the whole story and atmosphere. So just see it.

But the one thing that I want to say is you should check what Yuich (main character) is going to do in the last scene and what is changed after that.

You can feel the message from Mamoru Oshii.

監督 : 押井守
原作 : 森博嗣
脚本 : 伊藤ちひろ
出演 : 加瀬亮、菊地凛子、栗山千明、谷原章介

なぜだか 無性にアニメが見たくなり、直感でツタヤで借りてきて見ました。