Sunday, March 8, 2009





Director:Satoshi Miki

Actress:Juri Ueno, Yu Aoi

This week is “Yu Aoi week” so I watched “kamehaigaitohayakuoyogu”.

It means “surprising fact is that a turtle swims fast”.

I think there is a trend of Japanese movie that has a incoherent story and surrealistic or pop depiction. But that is just my feeling. I suppose that is infected by Kankuro Kudo who is Japanese movie director.

This kind of movie is on a border that has a possibility to degrade to B-movie or to upgrade to art movie. Then which way the movie goes relies on a character of an actor. In this sense, Yu Aoi has a strong reliability from Japanese movie director. She can give a special atmosphere to her movie. I feel so.

Recently in order to be recognized as a good actor or actress, They should have this kind of own atmosphere that boost up a movie to surrealistic, pop, art one.