Friday, April 24, 2009

溝口健二 / 赤線地帯

"Akasen chitai"


"Ayako Wakao"

Title : Akasen chitai 

Director : Kenji Mizoguchi

Actress : Ayako Wakao, Machiko Kyo, Michiyo Kogure, Aiko Mimasu, Hiroko Machida

This is the last work of Kenji Mizoguchi.

He shot how prostitutes struggled to live and work in red-light "Yumenosato" in Yoshihara while prostitution law were under discussion in 1956.

Personally I was surprised the most about how beautiful Ayako Wakao was. I really love the atmosphere she has and I was so impressed by her aura throughout the ages. In real world,she is a wife of an architect Kisho Kurokawa and she was next to him when he became a candidate in national election.

And secondly Kyo Machiko, I payed attention the character "Mikki" she played roll in. 

The character is modeled on a girl who moved from Kobe to Yoshihara so she is so chic rather than the others. Everybody else wear Japanese traditional clothes but only she wears European one. And she lives at her own pace and acts like free man. I guess some people don't like this kind of free man, but for me she seems to have amiable and strong mentality. She always takes care of others and sometimes give them foods or money if they don't have them enough.

You can see other characters who are also struggling to live. I guess how difficult they live in that time is different from the problem we have nowadays but I could feel somehow same kind of feeling from this old film. 

Anyway it is always difficult to live all through the ages.