Monday, April 27, 2009

池田亮司展 +/-[the infinite between 0 and 1]

"Ryoji Ikeda +/-[the infinite between 0 and 1]"

"池田亮司展 +/-[the infinite between 0 and 1]"

Ryoji Ikeda is a quite famous artist in the field of electrical music especially experimental one and he deals with human perception like Jim Lambie who I introduced before. (But the approach is totally different...)

Personally this exhibition has so much stronger impact to human perception than Jim Lambie's one.

"I interpret the world we perceive into "data" like sine wave or pixel segmentalized in the smallest unit and reorganize them. By this procedure, I 'll show you totally different human perception"

This is a theme of this exhibition.

"The world of data" that he shows seems to be visualization of the world of internet or natural phenomenon or even inside of human body.

By this exhibition, I could imagine there is a kind of invisible orders in each world and they are kind of same and linked to one another under our perception.

I have never experienced this kind of works. 

People who experience can imagine a lot from works.

The works has high aesthetic quality.

These are what I want art works to have.

The works of this exhibition includes all of them.

Great exhibition.

You can get more information from

Ryoji Ikeda +/-[the infinite between 0 and 1]

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

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池田亮司展 +/-[the infinite between 0 and 1]