Saturday, June 6, 2009

A black suit of COMME des GARCONS

"A black suit of COMME des GARCONS"


I bought a black suit of COMME des GARCONS at 10 corso como COMME des GARCONS in Aoyama.

I regard shopping as investment to myself and at the same time to a brand or a company. (But of course I sometimes buy on impulse.)

I hope 10 corso como COMME des GARCONS in Aoyama gonna be cutting edge place like  the 10 corso como in Milan that has  it's own gallery and cafe as well.

Actually one of my dreams is to make this kind of space in Tokyo.

By the way a suit of COMME des GARCONS that I bought is fresh reminder of the power of clothes.

A clothes that really suits with my sense changes my feeling a lot.

This wonderful feeling is close to the one that I feel when I see art pieces.

Clothes can let us wear the feeling. I think which is really fantastic.


青山の10 corso como COMME des GARCONSで。