Monday, September 21, 2009

村上春樹 / 1Q84

Haruki Murakami / 1Q84

村上春樹 / 1Q84

I just experienced specific feeling that seems to be between real and unreal world after reading Haruki Murakami's latest novel "1Q84".

In this novel, there are a lot of impressive phrases and suggestions. I wrote them down in my notebook and finally the number of them reached ... a lot.

His interview in COURRIER Japon in the 2009 July issue, I found his interesting point of view.

-(Haruki Murakami)- What I think during writing a story and what people think by reading it don't need to be the same. Most of what I write are improvisatory and self-motivated. Even I myself can't explain them. Readers have a right to think that the stories are their own one.

The works of Murakami give us opportunities to think about myself, society and the thing between them.


The works of Murakami make us think about another capabilities that could happen in the real world.