Saturday, October 24, 2009


"Arctic Monkeys live at Budokan"


I went to see Arctic Monkeys live at Budokan on October 19th.

As you know The strokes initiated a new era of rock music, Arctic Monkeys also did that.

So I was really glad to see them. It seemed to be a dream.

I got mobbed because I was in the front row.

Especially from Brianstorm to The View From The Afternoon, the voltage of the audiences was really crazy.

I thought in this live, Alex showed earnestness for the music and audiences.

He said "You play nice, I also..." or "fabulous audience" like communicate with us.

And I felt Arctic Monkeys started to acquire kind of Eros or Energy or something like that.

And I also found one more thing from that live.

I used to like to listen to their up-tempo tunes but this live made me find the fact that low-tempo tunes are also super nice.

When I listened to Humbug using an iPod I thought I preferred 1st and 2nd.

But now Humbug became my precious album and I also found If You Were There,Beware and 505 are really good.

If they come to Tokyo again, I will definitely go to see their live.

Live at Budokan was really fantastic experience.




アリーナのEブロック最前列だったので序盤もみくちゃにされている感じで、特にBrianstormからThe View From The Afternoonまでがやばかった。


”You play nice, I also...” 「君たちいいノリしてるね。じゃ俺も(頑張ろう)」

"fabulous audience"「素晴らしい観客だね。」



Humbugもipodで聴いてる段階では「やっぱ1stと2ndだよな」とか思っていたのですが、このライブを体験したことでHumbugが僕の中ですごく大切なアルバムになったし、2ndのIf You Were There,Beware505がものすごく心に響く曲だということにも気づきました。



01.Dance Little Liar


03.This House Is A Circus

04.Still Take You Home

05.The View From The Afternoon


07.Potion Approaching

08.Pretty Visitors

09.Crying Lightning


11.I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor

12.Dangerous Animals

13.Secret Door

14.My Propeller

15.Red Right Hand

16.Do Me A Favor

17.Fluorescent Adolescent

18.The Jeweller's Hands

E1.If You Were There,Beware